Discover Noomi Chantell's Equestrian Apparel: Elegance, Comfort, and Performance in Perfect Harmony

Welcome to Noomi Chantell, your destination for equestrian apparel that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and performance. We understand that every rider deserves the best when it comes to clothing, and our range of women's riding apparel is designed to deliver just that.

Four-Way Stretch for Optimal Freedom of Movement

Our women's riding leggings are crafted with an exclusive four-way stretch fabric that provides exceptional freedom of movement and comfort. Whether you're riding in the arena or exploring the trails, our riding leggins will adapt to your movements for a smooth and comfortable experience.

Quick-Drying Material for All Weather Conditions

With our quick-drying material, you can stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather conditions. Never again will you have to worry about getting wet and cold during your ride. Our women's riding leggings are designed to keep you in optimal comfort throughout your ride.

Full Grip or Knee Grip - Customize to Your Style

We offer both full grip and knee grip options for our women's riding leggings, allowing you to choose the style that suits you best. Whether you prefer the classic look of full seat leggings or prefer a bit more flexibility with knee grip breeches, Noomi Chantell's riding leggings will meet your needs and preferences.

Equestrian Apparel for Modern Riders

Noomi Chantell's women's riding apparel is designed with the modern rider in mind. We understand the need for both style and function, and our range of riding apparel combines both in an exceptional way. With our products, you can feel confident and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you.


Three models are on the riding track. They sit on their own horses. Each model wears Noomi Chantell riding clothes of different models so that you can see the full range of riding clothes from Noomi Chantell


Discover Noomi Chantell's Equestrian Apparel Today

Whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner, Noomi Chantell is your reliable partner when it comes to equestrian apparel. Explore our range of riding leggings and other women's riding apparel today and discover the difference for yourself. Welcome to Noomi Chantell - where style meets performance on the equestrian field!

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