Environmental image three riders wearing Noomi Chantelle riding clothes each on a brown horse at a nice mansion Environmental image three riders wearing Noomi Chantelle riding clothes each on a brown horse at a nice mansion

Noomi Chantell


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Purchase stylish and functional high-quality equestrian clothing online.

Equestrian hoodie - with both style and comfort

For comfortable days at the stable or to stay warm on chilly rides, look no further than a Noomi Chantell
hoodie. Our hoodie is made from soft and comfortable material that keeps you warm and cosy on cold days. With stylish details and a perfect fit, Noomi Chantell's hoodie will quickly become a favourite in your wardrobe. Why prioritize comfort over style when you can have both? Grab yours now and discover your new favourite hoodie at Noomi Chantell!

En svart ridtröja med vit logga på framsidan av hoodien. Det är även en textlogga Noomi Chantell i luvan. På bilden ser man en tjej som är modell. Det är tröjans framsida som syns på bilden. Bakgrunden är vit
På bilden står modellen i en svart ridhoodie och visar ryggen av tröjan. Den är en vit stor textlogga Noomi Chantell uppifrån och ner på ryggen. Det är även en vit logga på luvan. Bakgrunden av bilden är vit
Modellen på bilden sitter ner och visar sidan av den svarta ridtröjan. Hon visar att det är en textlogga på insidan av luvan.
Bilden visar en ren produktbild av ridtröjan. På bilden ligger tröjan ner och visar att det är en mjuk och skön på insida av tröjan. Flertalet av loggorna syn också på bilden
Bilden visar en modell klädd i svart ridtröja. Hon står i ett stall med en häst bredvid sig
Bilden visar en modell klädd i svart ridtröja. Hon står i ett stall med ryggen mot kameran och visar ryggen av ridtröjan
inspirationsfilm av Noomi Chantells ridtröja. På filmen kan man se flera olika modeller som bär den svarta ridtröjan

Hoodie Glasgow

Regular price 899 kr Sale price629 kr Save 270 kr
A women's black zip horse riding hoodie perfect for the cold seasons. Featuring a soft and fluffy cotton lining for extra warmth and comfort. If you're between two sizes, we recommend going up a size as the horse ridding hoodie runs slightly shorter at the waist.

The model in the picture is 172cm tall and is wearing a size M.

Equestrian tops - for all occasions

Noomi Chantell's range of tops offers something for every rider. Whether you're looking for acomfortable polo shirt for training or an elegant competition top for the show ring, we have options to suit every need. Our tops are made from high-quality, breathable materials that keep you cool during intense rides. Try our equestrian tops now - you won't be disappointed.

Riding leggings - perfect fit and functionality

Noomi Chantell's riding leggings are renowned for their excellent fit and functionality. We have designed them with the rider's freedom of movement in mind, providing an optimal sense of comfort and support while riding. Explore our range of equestrian riding leggings and enhance your riding experience to the fullest.

Competition clothing for all levels

Noomi Chantell's competition clothing is specially designed to meet the high demands of the ompetition arena without sacrificing appearance. Our elegant and sophisticated competition tops provide a professional and polished look. The materials are carefully chosen to offer great freedom of movement while being dirt and water-resistant, which is a must for competitions. Give yourself the best tool for success - try our competition tops.

Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell - Modellen står upp och visar framsidan av tävlingstoppen. Man kan se textloggan på framsidan av toppen. Tävlingstoppen är vit upptill och svart nedtill
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell - Modellen på bilden visar baksidan av tävlingstoppen. Tävlingstoppen är vit upptill och svart nedtill.
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell - modellen visar vänster sida av tävlingstoppen
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell

Equestrian show shirt Toronto

Regular price 599 kr Sale price419 kr Save 180 kr
A stylish and comfortable women's equestrian show shirt in black/white four-way stretch fabric for optimal comfort and fit. Made from quick-drying, breathable materials with excellent mobility, it’s perfect for the competition arena.

The model in the picture is 169cm tall and is wearing a size S.
Designed in sweden
Noomi Chantell

Stylish, functional, high-quality equestrian clothing
Our products are designed based on the wishes of professional riders. We create apparel with the optimal blend of comfort and fit, so you can perform at your peak. Our absolute goal is for you to feel that Noomi Chantell clothes are the best riding gear you've ever had.

Why choose Noomi Chantell?
With so many options available, why should you choose Noomi Chantell? Firstly, our equestrian clothing is created with a strong focus on quality and durability. Each garment is designed to withstand the demands of equestrian sports and maintain its style and function over time.

Secondly, Noomi Chantell's equestrian clothing is designed in Sweden, giving them a unique and exclusive touch. Their Scandinavian design aesthetic is both minimalist and modern, making them stand out from the crowd. There is no doubt that Noomi Chantell's products will make you look stylish and elegant, whether you are riding at home or in the competition arena.

Choose Noomi Chantell and experience the difference. We promise that our equestrian clothing will exceed your expectations. Dress in Noomi Chantell and ride with confidence.

Three horseback riding girls dressed in Noomi Chantell riding attire at a grand staircase at a mansion
Model in Noomi Chantell riding attire standing next to a horse with an autumnal background

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Incredibly comfortable equestrian clothing, highly recommended!

Frida Johansson
Jönköping, Sweden

The best equestrian clothing I've had so far, 5/5.

Therese Mårtensson
Göteborg, Sweden

Great assistance from Beatrice in customer service.

Lydia Ekenfeldt
Åby, Sweden

Fantastic fabric quality and fit

Emmie Nilsson
Söderköping, Sweden

Quick and easy ordering process. The delivery took 2 days. Highly recommend!

Helene Sjöstedt
Ystad, Sweden

The breeches get 5/5 from me. Beautiful material, stylish, perfect in size and just right with silicone that feels durable. And at a very reasonable price.

Annika Gustavsson
Landvetter, Sweden