Discover Noomi Chantell Equestrian Clothing: Perfection in Every Stitch

Welcome to Noomi Chantell, where we combine style and function to create memorable riding experiences. Combining elegance with superior performance, our riding apparel, especially our popular ladies' riding leggings, offer the perfect balance of comfort, mobility and style for every rider.

Four-way stretch for optimal comfort and mobility

Noomi Chantell's riding leggings for women are made from an exclusive four-way stretch, providing unbeatable flexibility and freedom of movement. Whether you're riding on the track or off-road, our breeches adapt to your movements for an optimal riding experience.

Secure Grip and Breathability for Improved Performance

We understand the importance of a secure grip in the saddle. That's why our riding leggings are made from quick-drying, breathable material, which not only keeps you dry and comfortable, but also provides the perfect grip to improve your riding performance.

Style and Function in Perfect Harmony

Choose from our full-grip or knee-grip riding leggings for ladies depending on your personal style and preference. Whichever option you choose, you can count on Noomi Chantell's riding leggings to deliver superior performance and comfort without compromising on style.

Riding Leggings - The Ultimate Choice for the Modern horse Rider

Riding leggings, also known as riding breeches for women, offer a flattering fit and are made of stretchy material that provides incredible freedom of movement and comfort. With a combination of style, comfort and function, riding tights are becoming an increasingly popular choice among riders worldwide.

Explore Noomi Chantell's Riding Apparel for Women

Whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner, you deserve the best when it comes to riding apparel. Noomi Chantell strives to offer just that. Explore our collection today and let our breeches and leggiings become your faithful companion on every ride.


Three models wearing Noomi Chantell's riding clothes sit on a staircase. Next to them stands a small horse. The setting is rural at a manor house


Welcome to Noomi Chantell - Where Style Meets Performance on the riding track!

Invest in more than just clothes; invest in a lifestyle of elegance, comfort and performance with Noomi Chantell's equestrian clothing for women. Whether you compete, train or enjoy relaxed rides, let our riding clothes elevate your riding experience to new heights. Welcome to Noomi Chantell - your partner on horseback, regardless of weather and terrain!

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