Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell - Modellen står upp och visar framsidan av tävlingstoppen. Man kan se textloggan på framsidan av toppen. Tävlingstoppen är vit upptill och svart nedtill
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell - Modellen på bilden visar baksidan av tävlingstoppen. Tävlingstoppen är vit upptill och svart nedtill.
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell - modellen visar vänster sida av tävlingstoppen
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell
Tävlingstopp Toronto - Noomi Chantell

Equestrian show shirt Toronto

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A stylish and comfortable women's equestrian show shirt in black/white four-way stretch fabric for optimal comfort and fit. Made from quick-drying, breathable materials with excellent mobility, it’s perfect for the competition arena.

The model in the picture is 169cm tall and is wearing a size S.

Optimal Performance and Style for Women

Discover our exclusive competition clothing for riding and, above all, our flagship among women's competition tops - Equestrian show shirt Toronto. With its elegant design and advanced materials, this racing garment is the perfect choice for riders looking for style and performance on the race track.

Stylish Design and Comfort in Focus

Equestrian show shirt Toronto offers a stylish and comfortable fit specially designed for female
riders. The black and white color combination provides a timeless and elegant look that will impress on racetracks. Made from high-quality four-way stretch polyester and spandex, this competition garment provides superior comfort and fit indispensable on race day.

Optimal Mobility and Performance

With Equestrian show shirt Toronto, you don't have to compromise your mobility during competition. The four-way stretch design allows for unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement, giving you the comfort you need to perform at your absolute peak. Whether you're show jumping, dressage, or tackling the terrain, this competition garment will follow your every move without restricting you.

Breathable and quick-drying material

During a competition day, it is important to stay cool and dry in order to focus on your riding performance. Equestrian show shirt Toronto is made with quick-drying material that effectively transports moisture away from the skin and keeps you fresh and comfortable throughout race day.

Stylish Details for Extra Elegance

The classic buttoned collar adds a touch of elegance to the Equestrian show shirt Toronto, making it a stylish choice for any competition rider. Every detail is carefully designed to meet the high demands of professional riders, making this competition garment an indispensable choice for all competition participants.

Upgrade Your Race Wardrobe with Equestrian show shirt Toronto

With Equestrian show shirt Toronto, you will not only impress on the racetrack but also feel comfortable and confident during every ride. Give your competition wardrobe an upgrade with this high-quality competition garment and experience the difference for yourself. Choose Equestrian show shirt Toronto for style, comfort, and world-class performance.

  • Material - Polyester & Spandex
  • Regular fit
  • Four-way stretch
  • Silicone print
  • Collar with buttons
  • Quick-drying and breathable materials


  • Machine wash cold 30°C
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron

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